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Questions & Thoughts

At Highland Baptist Church, we've been privileged to answer some great, & very serious questions, and believe you could benefit from the answers...

Question #1


Fantastic question! (So glad you asked) This question is often answered as a statement of fact: "OF COURSE I'm a good person, and quite frankly, I have no clue why you're even asking!"

Responses are often made with no consideration of what REALLY determines a person's "goodness" and much less how that same person might possibly remain "good". None the less, we've made a short comic book illustrating the answer to the question, and we sure hope it's a help...

Question #2

Will I really "feel" Welcome?

Everyone has been created with the innate desire to be loved and accepted. The members of Highland Baptist Church have been biblically taught how to love ALL PEOPLE, and are "not a respecter of persons." As a church body, we would like to invite you to a place where the people love, though we aren't perfect, accept, knowing God makes the change, AND...Encourage! For Christ makes the difference!!! 

Come and see for yourself - by God's grace you won't be disappointed!

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